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Comment posted by losalini rt qolitabua( rosimatawaluyahoo.com ), 03/03/2015, 4:05 am:

Comment posted by Enrique Cristi( rickyboyntlworld.com ), 10/31/2014, 7:37 pm:
every time I log in, a German language comes in and I don't understand what they are asking me to do. And every time I log in I have to enter a code. I need an English facebook log in and stop sending me codes for me to access my account.

Comment posted by lehlohonolo( hloni8964gmail.com ), 10/17/2014, 11:30 am:

Comment posted by alok jaiman( jaimn926gmail.com ), 10/08/2014, 3:08 pm:
my f.b is not open of pc

Comment posted by olivaanally( olivianally2gmail.com ), 07/16/2014, 5:43 pm:
hi evry1

Comment posted by john cena( suyash.dwivedi0007.gmail.com ), 07/03/2014, 2:17 pm:

Comment posted by sanubabu( sanubabu115yahoo.com ), 06/19/2014, 8:08 am:

Comment posted by Kanya Sharma( kanyasharma16gmail.com ), 05/22/2014, 5:15 am:

Comment posted by richard finch( rlfinchmail.com ), 05/16/2014, 3:00 pm:
hi every one

Comment posted by pankaj kumar( sonu.kumarcool28gmail.com ), 05/10/2014, 2:18 am:

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